Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Tzanixnam Clinic

Last friday we had our once a month clinic in Tzanixnam, with the volunteers from the church in Paxot II. Tzanixnam is a clinic where we have volunteers help us from a neighboring town in order to minister to people outside of their community. Our first clinics to Tzanixnam were in November and December of 2006 and we had over 100 patients each clinic. Then in January, the government of the town changed and our first 3 clinics in 2007 were very small as the leaders were not annoucing the clinic. Thus, this time we had the volunteers from Paxot II take care of annoucing in the village with loudspeakers. The results were great and we had around 50 patients this last Friday. We have heard from many that there is a need in the area just that they were not hearing about the clinic. Tzanixnam is probably the highest community that we work in, probably at about 7500 feet with gorgeous views of the countryside. This last Friday some people expressed an interest in Bible study so please keep them in your prayers and also that we can be God's instrument to bring people to a closer relationship to Him through this ministry. For those who were with us in the November clinic this is the village with the memorable latrine. :)

Towards the end of the clinic a couple men from the community leadership came by and we were able to speak with them some more regarding the clinic and since they saw a good outcome we hope that they will continue to support the clinic by annoucing in future community meetings.

Here is a view from the clinic site.

Inside the community center where we have the clinic. The men in the hats are some of the community leaders that came and watched the clinic in December 2006.

This is one of our volunteers, Tomas Sut Gonzales, praying with a patient.

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