Thursday, April 26, 2007

Before and After - Tomasa Chicoj Salvador

We cannot help but share this little miracle with you all. Meet Tomasa Chicoj Salvador, she is 9 years old. She came to us back in January or February of 2007. She has a recurring retinoblastoma tumor. Her first tumor occured over 2 years ago and was removed surgically along with her eye. This recurring tumor started to grow 3 -6 months earlier. She had already had a CT scan when they came in to see us and another physician had referred her to the cancer treatment hospital in Guatemala City, but they had not been yet. They asked us for some assistance to pay for travel and the consult so we agreed to do so and off they went to the consult in Guatemala City. At this point we sent out prayer requests on her behalf and also started to pray for her.

They came back with very sad news that the tumor was recurring and growing aggressively, and the cancer hospital in the city agreed to only give her paliative treatment and she had a life expectancy of about 6 months. After many tears and many prayers together, we agreed to continue to assist them with the cost of travel, food and lodging to receive her paliative treatment as the cancer hospital agreed to provide her treatment free of charge. She began her treatment with her eye looking like this.

Then after 1-2 months of treatment, she looked like this.

Her improvement was so dramatic that the physicians in Guatemala City decided to put her on an aggressive treatment of radiation therapy and chemotherapy. After her radiation therapy treatment they continued to see the tumor decrease in size and there was only a small portion left in her brain. She is now continuing chemotherapy so she is not out of the woods yet; however, she now looks like this. They have been positive enough to encourage them to purchase an eye prosthesis to help maintain the structure of her face!

Incredible what alot of prayer can do. Please continue to pray that God will demonstrate his power in the complete healing of Tomasa. She has been a great patient and has a wonderful spirit about her.

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What a precious little girl..