Sunday, January 10, 2016

Happy New Year!

The "Big D".  We hit the road hard this trip covering parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico and Arizona. 
We are back! Our trip home to the good ol' U.S. of A. seemed quick but we got to see most of our family and some friends along the way.  We logged more than 3000 miles on our little road trip!  Along the way we did an oil change and tire rotation and evicted some dead rats from our cabin filter.  But all was good. It was comforting to get to visit with family and enjoy the familiarity of life in the States.
One of the holiday hits this year was this electronic Boogie Board that Aunt Kelli got the little kids.  Who knew handwriting and drawing could be so fun?! 

It is amazing to us how many services are available like city parks, public pools, State and National Parks, evenly matched up sidewalks (or sidewalks for that matter), sales at department stores (here a big sale is 25% off) and Chick-fil-A.  Yum!

Kemmel getting in a few laps at the Balmorhea State Park  south of Pecos, Tx which has a spring-fed pool boasting a year-round 72-76 degree temp.   We enjoyed a quick break from the interstate on our way out to Arizona.
But, we are also glad to get back to our quiet little home without heating so we can enjoy sleeping in the cool nights. We get to hear the birds every morning, buy abundant and affordable fresh vegetables and fruit year round and enjoy springlike temps even during the "cold" season. We were greeted with calls from folks here to check on us and see if we made it back okay.  It is good to home!

Yesterday we kicked off the year with another ABC program celebration in Chuchipaca.  It took place down at the river bank and had a great turnout of kids and families. 
Drama about King Solomon choosing between the two mothers fighting over a baby.

Thanks to some of the sponsors who support the ABC program

Fun in the sun and the river.  Brrrrr! It was pretty chilly up until high noon.
We also witnessed a baptism right there in the river. 
Brenda's baptism

The angels in heaven together with the church celebrated Brenda's new life in Christ.
Last night we walked up to the central park in Chichi to an acapella concert  to finish out a week of evangelism by area churches of Christ.  We saw so many friends from the churches around Chichicastenango and Quiche and enjoyed the fellowship.
So, it is back to work, like everyone else.  We feel blessed to get to do our work here!