Sunday, July 19, 2015

Life Lately

Patients waiting as we arrive in Chuchipaca.

Just an update of some happenings around here lately.  Our students made it home (or to their next-appointed places) and we settled back into our routines.  In addition, we have been planning for a team from our sponsoring congregation Eastside Church of Christ to come next week. They are giving classes in some of the surrounding elementary schools, working with water filter delivery to ABC families, as well as some special constuction at our clinic.  It  should be good.  We also have a family therapist giving a class to our community ABC coordinators and teaching students on ways to prepare children for educational success.  We are really looking forward to spending time  with our Colorado friends!

In other news, there has been some good progress on in the evangelism front.  Sometimes it seems like we go through little dry spells of church growth, just planting seeds and encouraging patients, then all of a sudden, there is a burst of response.  Two people in particular come to mind lately;  one is a young woman we've asked you to pray for who has wanted to become a Christian, but has been strongly discouraged by her in-laws not to do so, or risk losing her children.  Recently she and her husband went through some problems and she decided she needed to get right with God.  Her husband agreed that it might help them get back on track.  He still is not ready to commit to God, but she has plans to be baptized soon and he is okay with that. Praise God for his continued work and faithfulness in their lives.  Pray for this couple, that they would both decide to follow Jesus.

Also, there is an older lady in her 80s, one of our coworker's grandmother and a patient of ours.  She has always been fun to talk to and visit with even if she is a little anti-medication and not interested in hearing the gospel.  Despite her resistance, her family is respectful and loving and persistent.  Lately she has been sick and starting to get weaker. And she wanted to hear more about Jesus.  And last week we heard that she has asked to be baptized, so her family is looking for a hot spring nearby to make it comfortable for her.  Be praying for her to know the spiritual comfort of knowing Christ.