Tuesday, October 20, 2015


It's been a while since we posted an update.  Back in September we made an unexpected trip to the States to be with Kemmel's family after his step-dad Duane passed away.  We had been planning a trip back to visit our sponsoring churches Eastside Church of Christ in Colorado Springs and Meadowbrook Church of Christ in Jackson, MS, but were so blessed by both congregations to use the time to spend with family and help Kemmel's mom get adjusted.
While we rearranged our travel plans it became apparent that we would incur some extra expenses because of the flight changes. We decided it was just something we would have to deal with.  But out of the blue, we got word that someone had given some money anonymously to help cover our extra expenses! What a relief  it was to us and we are grateful for the generosity of this person and the faithfulness of God to supply our needs.
While we were gone, we missed being with the visiting team from Memorial Road Church of Christ. This team always comes in the fall, and helps us knock out the last set of well-child checkups for the ABC program kids.  We were pretty concerned about leaving our staff and team in a lurch like that, but were so pleased to see how everyone worked together to make it happen.  We are especially grateful to Sheri and Maury for picking up extra responsibilities of staff and financial management while we were out.
When we got back, we spent the morning in Guatemala City running errands before heading home.  As we were walking back to the hotel down a busy street, we passed a couple from the Chichicastenango area (as evidenced by her outfit).  A few seconds later we heard them shout out, "Dra. Lisa!"  Turns out, the man is a patient of mine.  He said they weren't sure it was me, but recognized Kemmel.    It's good to be missed!  If home is where your heart is, we are blessed to call lots of places home!