Friday, September 16, 2016

Life Lately

Work around here has been nice and busy with the clinics full and churches active. Some of our clinics have grown to the point of the churches asking for another clinic day in the monthly rotation.

Photo taken in 2008 while Gaspar and Juan met with Sebastian from Chutzorop.  They are ready to expand to every 15 days when they finish the new building.

Clinica Caris in Lemoa / Sepela continues to grow and we are seeing up to 40 patients or more on some days.

We are thrilled to be that busy, but we are facing some changes next year when we lose Dr. Sara Castellanos when she and Mario move their family to Mexico.  Needless to say, we are sad to lose Sara and Mario and anxious to see how things work out as we look for someone new to join our team. We have two great scholarship students in medical school, but they are still 3 years away from being able to work with us.  Please be in prayer with us about this, that we will find someone with a love for God and for people.

Mario and Sara and their daughter Sara Alejandra - they will be missed

As we rolled into September, we could feel the excitement build as the 15th or Independence Day grew closer.  We live among a people who love a good party and a parade is even better, as it is just one big street party making it's way through town!  Traditionally and officially, the 15th is the holiday, but we have noticed that the 13th and 14th might as well be too, as the numerous schools in the areas have to all have their part.  Not only do we have parades, but also Antorchas or torch team running to commemorate the announcement of independence throughout the countryside.  Some of these start hundreds of kilometers away with buses and trucks riding behind them announcing their origin and destination.  Crazy road travel these days!

Still have crazy bus drivers!

Today, is the 15th of September and we are enjoying a day at home, catching up on things and listening to fireworks and festivities around town.  We walked up to town early this morning and took advantage of the good market selection of veggies and wandered around town to look at the parade preparations and section of market that burned down this week.  Before we could get too far, we started getting rained on, so we took off back home--in the rain!  All the tuc-tuc taxis were full of families heading to the parade.  

See Sheri's blog for pictures of parades at