Thursday, April 19, 2007

Elvis? - Who is he?

Have you ever thought that someone would not know who Elvis is? Especiallly with how close we are to the states and all of the immigration between here and there. Well, so far in the area we live we have not found anyone who knows who he is. We met a little boy the other day named Elvis and they did not know. It is good to see that not all of our western culture makes it to other countries.

Yesterday we were invited to a birthday party at a neighboor house close to the clinic (where Elvis lives, but it is not Graceland!). It was a good break from moving and cleaning. This was a party for a 16 year old boy. This was the first really big party we have been to. For birthdays, the definition of a big party is to have a big church service, praising and worshiping God for the gift of a son or daughter and another year of life. As you can tell, teenagers here also get real excited....

This brings up the topic of a cultural lesson.... In this culture physical life and spiritual life are very intwined. Birthdays, successful business ventures, new add-ons to the house, etc. are always celebrated with a Thanksgiving worship service and meal. You also run into sayings like "primero Dios" (Lord willing) after promising to do something or be somewhere; and "gracias a Dios" (thanks to God) when you ask someone how they are and they say "Fine--thanks to God.

Today we "primero Dios" finish up setting up the clinic and then we have a health promoter class this afternoon followed by the arrival of the Health Talents board of directors who will be here through the weekend.

We have also included some other pictures - one of the clinic from the field, one of our health promoter, Gaspar, with a sheep that kept trying to say hi to him, one of the concrete drainage pipes we purchased for the road into the clinic and the community and one of Rick presenting a

Bible to Gaspar for all of his assistance in the completion of the clinic.

Feliz Dia!


Mo&We said...

It's so nice to see what you are doing most days. Hope we get to see your new clinic soon "primero Dios". Say Hi to Rick and all the others we know. Have a good weekend. Love, Mama and Daddy

pedshemonc said...

Hello from Fairfax, Virginia. What a great site you have put together. It is wonderful work you are doing. We hope to see you in a couple of photos sometime. The site is now on my favorites so I'll remember to check in now and again. Thanks for sharing, fondly-Dave & Kathy Scarbalis

marymadill said...

Awesome new clinic!!!!! I love the blog and all the pics. It kinda made me a little sad though cause i miss everyone but also I am very happy for yall!!! I also enjoyed the talk about elvis because you guys are funny....and you thought you wouldn't have anything to talk about on a blog.