Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Chimente Clinic

To acquainte everyone with the work we are doing in Guatemala we thought we would introduce the various clinics that we attend and who helps us in those communities. The first is Chimente. Chimente is a town in the neighboring department of Totonicapan and we have clinic here once a month. The number of patients (40-50) in this town normally requires the presence of 2 physicains so both Lisa and Josefina work in this clinic. This clinic is a special as there is no church in this town so we have volunteers that help us from 2 of the neighboring towns of Mactzul V and Patzite. From Mactzul V we have 2 volunteers - Sebastian Yacom and Tomas Tecum and from Patzite we have Felipe Chivalan and his daughter Candelaria. Our volunteers help in a variety of ways including meeting with the people, doing vital signs, translating and praying with patients. By having local volunteers the patients are able to relate with people they recognize or even know.

From Left to Right: Volunteers Sebastain (standing) and Felipe with the auxillary mayor of the town.

Our last clinic in Chimente was on Monday, April 23 and we were able to treat and pray with 50 patients. Even had someone ask if we charge for prayers - well of course not! Please continue to keep the town and clinic of Chimente in your prayers so that God will continue to work in the lives of the people from that community.
Volunteer Candelaria helping Lisa translate to kiche.

Josefina praying with a family.


Richard Tyler said...

First, I'm impressed with the currentness or freshness of the info. Not like the old days when the only way to get up-to-date info was with short wave radio.

Re: the question about charging for prayers...is it possible that the person who asked this question has actually paid someone to pray for him/her previously; and might he/she think that a prayer that doesn't cost something would be worth little?

Some ten or 11 years ago, Carmen and I met a little boy in Chicacao (or was it Chocola?) named Elvis. Don't know how old he was then, but I would guess eight to ten years at least.

PS: Roger's last name is spelled with a "C." McCown.

Kemmel and Lisa Dunham said...

Thanks, Richard. As for the prayers, there are several preachers in the area that charge quite a bit (with very little result, according to the people). We offer a free, but faith-filled prayer as a ministry to our patients. So far, no complaints. :)

Stan Melton said...

Kemmel & Lisa...so great to read y'alls blogs and see the photos. Glad y'all are continuing to do well. Keep up the great work, and know y'all are always in our thoughts and prayers.

Stan, Leslie, Jessie & Zack Melton