Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Poppin' the clutch

You know you have a wife who can live anywhere when she pushes your truck out of the driveway to try and start the car with a dead battery. We have mastered the pop the clutch starting mechanism of a standard transmission when the battery is dead! Had to do it about 4 times today, well those are the successful trys. Add in the failed attempts and you would be tired just reading about it. The battery would die if we left the car for more than 2 hours. Now we have a new battery with a 12 month guarantee - miss those 3-5 year free replacement deals. Thank God for auto parts stores. The US has coffee shops on every corner, we have mechanics and auto parts stores. No lie, we should take some pictures of that phenomenon. If you ever owned a Toyota or Nissan and sold it and thought it ended up in a dump somewhere, it is probably here. It would have been resurrected and delivered to Central America.

We have included a picture of the truck pushing; however, this is not from today. Lisa was on her own part of the day. This was from an unsuccessful truck pushing as the truck would not start for another reason - the plug in the deisel engine was not working.

Just so you know you do not have to go that fast... The trick is second gear.

That was the excitement and frustration for today. However, we have learned a very important skill. We have also learned how to change flats very quickly. Part of the life... Here is a picture of one of our typical roads. This would be in the worst category. Most roads are just bumpy - very bumpy.

Have a great day!

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Mo&We said...

Love your blog! See what living in a 26' trailer 4 yrs and driving these roads for 10 yrs prepared you for, 'Sa? God bless you guys.
Love, Mo&We