Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Well, we were off to clinic today in Las Trampas which is off the highway to Guatemala City somewhere around kilometer 115. That probably does not mean much to you, so anyway it is down the hill from Los Encuentros and the rest stop that looks out over Lake Atitlan. In order to get to clinic we have to pass through Los Encuentros where the Chichi highway meets up with the main highway. This is where we were rejected. On the way we received a call from the people of the church that there was a demonstration in Los Encuentros and we may not be able to get through. The teachers of Guatemala were staging a demonstration today that we were not aware of; thus, by the time we got to Los Encuentros the highways were already closed. They close the highways with people and with boards and nails lying in the streets. So we got out to see what was going on and heard they would be demonstrating for at least 3 hours. We promptly got back in the truck and turned around before we got stuck in a pile up of cars trying to get through. We ended up spending the day at Clinica Caris arranging a few more things, counting pills, catching up on paperwork and preparing our mobile medical boxes for the next week.

We missed being able to get through by about 3o minutes.

The traffic as we were leaving. The vehicles will start filling both lanes closing everyone in. Thus, the reason to get out while you can. :)

Tomorrow, Thursday, we have our first clinic in Clinica Caris.

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marymadill said...

What a mess of cars. It was good you got out while you could, you are right about that. Glad you put those pictures up of Tomasa. Have a good day