Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Two Very Different Worlds

Today we had 2 posts so be sure to check out the post on the Tzanixnam clinic as well!

After experiencing rural Chichicastenago we normally get the urge to unwind in Guatemala City which believe it or not is very modern - in certain areas. Since we had to renew our visas we also took the oppurtunity to get away. Many of you have come to Guatemala only get to see the rural areas such as Chichi or the area around Clinica Ezell, so let us introduce you to the other side - modern Guatemala City. Here is a picture of a mall located in the affluent area of town where you find many of the luxuries that we enjoy in the US such as chain restaurants, movie theaters, IMAX, etc. So this last weekend we decided to get away and we enjoyed some time strolling around the mall, seeing a movie and eating some good food. The only difference is there are never any good sales at places like this! That is a bummer! So it is pretty much just look and convince yourself it is not worth it.

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Mo&We said...

So glad you get a chance to renew your strength every so often. We had so much trouble pronouncing the name of that high-up village, but it helps to see it written. God bless you and all you do.