Monday, May 21, 2007

Memory Lane

This is a picture of central park and the old catholic church built in the 1500's in Quetzaltenango (Xela).

We just got back from Xela today from our visit with the MET team this weekend. They are settled in with their host families and started Spanish class today and will finish on Friday. Just a brief intro or brush up for some, so the month won't be so stressful. It was good to see our friends from church and the CBA language school ( It brought back good memories of when first started. We also visited with our host mother Elubia--she seemed excited to see us as well. She is hosting Sarah, one of the MET students.

This is Elubia, our host mom.

On Sunday we worshiped with the church of Christ from Zone 3 (well, used to be Zone 3, until they moved out of their building. Rent is very high in this city and finding a central and affordable site is difficult). So we met in a convention hall in one of the hotels--very roomy and a great location. The brothers and sisters there seem to be thriving and busy, but sure miss Gene and Janice Luna who were missionaries there for many years, but just moved back to the States.

After church we took our "kids" out to lunch to a typical restaurant complete with live marimba! Everyone got a taste of the local fare and had to order in Spanish. Next, we walked back to the park together, gave a few tips and turned them loose. We in turn headed out to see a movie (Panic in the High Sea--or something like that). Very marginal movie but in English which is always a plus, and true to Guatemalan style, they cut off the movie half way for an intermission--it was not even two hours long! Gotta sell all of that popcorn.

This is the Guatemala marimba. No sheet music, all by memory - and actually no sheet music exists anywhere for the marimba - or so we are told.

Anyway, we don't have any current pictures--forgot the camara, so these are all older pictures that we had on file. We will keep you posted as we get closer to having our students working here in Chichi.

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marymadill said...

Have fun with your new students but don't forget your most favorite interns :) Playing with cow lungs is always fun. I just hit Ben in the eye with my laptop on accident....ooooppps. He passed his paramedic test so is now in training! yippee! Have a good day!!! Godspeed.