Saturday, May 19, 2007

Medical Evangelism Training Program

Today 12 students arrived from various places in the US to participate in Health Talents International Medical Evangelism Training (MET) program. This program is very dear to us for many reasons, the primary of which it is where we met 17 years ago. Of course, it also inspired us to always be interested in missions.

So anyway, the MET program is a 6 week program in which university students in their last 2 years or medical/dental students who are interested in missions come and work in a medical evangelism environment (with real-life missionaries - US or national missionaries). During this time they live with Guatemalan families in their homes to experience their lifestyle and their culture. This also serves as a total immersion language training program as many times the student speaks no spanish and the families speak no english. For those that work with us in the Chichi area, there are some family members who only speak Kiche.

Each day they go out with a physician and their team to work in clinic ministries in local churches in both the Department of Quiche (Chichicastenago area) and the Department of Suchitepequez (Montellano area) where the Clinica Ezell is located. The students participate in performing vital signs, patient interview, prayer and distribution of medicines. They also have the opportunities to evangelize, teach, learn, etc., etc.

One of the goals of the program is to help the students indentify their level of interest in missions with the hope that they will continue in missions after they have finished their schooling.

Right now the 12 students have traveled from Guatemala City to Quetzaltenango for a 1 week period of language school. So each is with their host family preparing for a great month. We will hook up with them tomorrow morning and hopefully post a picture Monday. Please pray for each of these students, as God works in their lives.

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Mary Jean said...

I enjoy reading your blog entries.

God bless you and your mission.

Mary Jean Bell
(Mom of Matt Bell, missionary in Santa Cruz del Quiche)