Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mactzul V

Yesterday was clinic in Mactzul V. There are 7 Mactzul communities and we hold clinic in 2 of them. It was a good day with about 23 patients, including 6 new patients. At this clinic we draw from about 6 communities.

This the church in Mactzul V with the make do tienda on the side...

Patients waiting at Mactzul V. Marcos is the boy in the hat at the end of the bench.

One family was brought by one of our health promoters, Felipe Chivalan. He has been studying with them and has been concerned about the 17 year old son, Marcos. He has been having nose bleeds for six months and says his nose is swollen. When I saw him, he was pale and thin and talked funny. On exam an obvious tumor was visible in the right nostril and extending into the back of the throat. This is a strange tumor for an adolescent to have and my suspicion is lymphoma. I recommended that they go to the ER at the local national hospital, but his mom said they had been there a week ago and the xray was negative and he was given a Rx for expensive meds and sent home. I was a little discouraged, but encouraged them to go back and wrote them a referral note. We also prayed with them asking God to go with them and to guide the physicians that would attend him. We told them to call us if they weren't attended to, and we would see what else we could do. So far no news, so we are hoping that is good news. Pray for him and his family as they go through this trial. Also that their hearts would be open to the gospel.

Juana is a 76 year old recent widow. We call her the queen mother because her family is always very concerned for her and bring her to clinic a lot (we suspect for social reasons!). She always brings us some kind of produce--avocados today! Anyway, we chatted with her yesterday about how she and her husband had been married for almost 60 years. Her father gave her to him for a liter of hard liquor, she reported while laughing. I asked her how they met, (at the bridge or the corn mill???) and she informed me that back then you just married whoever your family agreed to give you to. But, gracias a Dios, this couple had a long fruitful marriage and became Christians many years ago. She talks about him very respectfully and was excited to hear that we had a great picture of him to give her.

The man with the hat is Juana's husband who passed away in April. The lady sitting is one her daughters, Manuela.

Tomas Tecum Mejia is one of the volunteer health promoters from Mactzul V, but was recently hired full time to work with Dr. Josefina and Sheri's team. He is a mature, faithful Christian and will be a great addition to the team. He and his wife Juana have a family of 6 boys and 1 girl--she is pretty special as you can imagine. He has been working with us this week in training to learn the pharmacy and business side of things.

This is Tomas attending a patient in pharmacy.

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marymadill said...

Hey cool dudes! I hope everything works out with Lisa's certification!!! Yippee for avocadoes from Juana. I ate one yesterday but I was sad because it was nothing compared to one from Guatemala. I start an ob/gyn rotation tomorrow, so should be an interesting 6 weeks!!! Have a good week!