Friday, May 4, 2007

Hot day in Choacaman IV

The parade!

It is really hot today (85 F), well, hot for here! We had a good rain last night which should mean the rainy season will be starting soon. Our day was pretty easy today in Choacaman. Not too many patients, and we hung around to have lunch with our brothers there and headed out about 2:00. This gave us time to stop and check on some signs we needed and drop by the market for some veggies. But also time to stop for an ice cream-- nothing better than dulce de leche (caramel)for Kemmel and mango sherbet for Lisa! This is a picture of some of our host volunteers in Choacaman. Right to Left: Enrique, sr.,
Jesus, sr., Jesus, Maria, and Chepe.

This is Chepe in the scale! Had some fun today!

We had a good day at our central clinic in Lemoa yesterday. Several new patients from the local ares and some followup care as well. We also saw a 4 year old girl with severe, recent onset anemia. She was white as a sheet and so quiet. Her family told us that a month ago she quit eating normally and became more and more lethargic and pale. We sent her for urgent labs and got a call from the lab that things are pretty serious. We are suspecting leukemia and the family took her immediately to the ER. She is supposed to get a transfusion and they are running more labs to determine the diagnosis. Please pray for her and her family. Her older, married sister told me that she is the baby and favorite of the family.

This is a picture of a young lady who comes each time we have clinic on Thursdays to volunteer her time. Her name is Claudia Marisol and she is from Chuguexa. The elder lady is Manuela, and she is the lady that we purchased the land from and now feeds us each time we have clinic in Lemoa.

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