Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Office day - See one, do one, teach one

Today, Wednesday, was spent in the office doing administrative things--checking boxes, doing reports, packaging pills, general housekeeping stuff. Kemmel also spent a good part of the day setting up a newly donated computer and monitor in the office and showing our staff how to print medication labels--very liberating! After a morning of running around we stopped for lunch at the neighbors' house where she charges $2 for homemade lunch and soft drink! We sat around and talked politics and ate fried chicken.

No this is not a staged picture! Looks like it but they were all pretty much enthralled with it all. Juan is the one sitting and he is teaching the others. He and Gaspar went to some computer classes earlier in the year so now they get to start using the newly found skill. Each person took their turn in turning on, printing and turning off. So far so good. All of these guys only have a 6th grade education (minus Dr. Josefina) but do not let that fool you - they are very sharp people and learn fast.

We also learned that our neighbor Manuel had been operated on for gallstones on Monday, the same day another of our patients had a ganglion cyst removed from her wrist. Meanwhile one of the kids in Paxot II was rushed to the ER with appedicitis. We are grateful for the good work Dr. Tom Hoak and his wife/surgical assistant Janie do at the hospital here in town. So we took the opportunity to go visit and everyone was doing well. Gracias a Dios!

A cultural thing here is if you are very sick you wear a do-rag on your head. This could be a large hankerchief, a towel, etc. We have not figured out the rational yet, but it makes them feel better.

Thursday we have health promoter education day--we are going to talk about pneumonia. Lisa bought a cow lung yesterday for a demonstration.

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