Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Pacaja Xesic I

Well, we were back on the road again, today to Pacaja Xesic I. This is a great town with very friendly people (okay, all the towns are!). It started out slow, which worried the brothers a little, but we filled up and saw 26. Several new folks as well.

Pacaja Xesic is where the little girl with lukemia lives - her name is Julisa. Kemmel arrived later at clinic after a meeting in Lemoa and stopped at a store to buy some water and it turned out to be the home of Julisa. Kemmel was able to visit with the family some and learned that she and her dad went to the capital yesterday and are expected to stay about 1 month. Later the family came by the clinic, and as you can imagine, her mom is very sad and worried and we gave her some meds to help her sleep. But mostly we prayed with them and sat and talked with them. Please pray for her and especially her family as they are very close-knit and all very distraught right now.
The curley hair girl in the above picture is Julisa. When we saw her in clinic last week she was as pale as her shirt. The other girl in the picture is her big sister, Miriam. To put family life here in perspective, they both have an older sister who is about 24 years old and has a little girl about the same age as Julisa.

We also saw a new sister in Christ named Francisca. She is a lady we first saw last year with what looked like post-traumatic stress disorder after witnessing the murder of her own father in their home more than 20 years ago. Gracias a Dios she became a Christian about 5-6 months ago and has had a noticeable change that we can see. Her affect has lifted and she smiles more, and even jokes a little. In the past, she couldn't bear being in her own house because of the memories. Now she lives with some cousins and has been studying the Bible more and looks to be improving and growing spiritually. It is nice to see the changes that God makes in a person as he transforms them into who He wants them to be. Pray that God will use her healing to bring others to him.

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