Saturday, May 5, 2007


Our work week is Tuesday-Saturday, so our weekend is just beginning--YEA! Today was a good day at Chuchipaca II. As always we have a good mix there of new patients and old, church members and neighbors. Our volunteer Juan Quino Mejia is always good to counsel patients, encouaging them to trust in God and seek his will. We talked to one woman in particular who is a young widow, to invite her to worship this Sunday. Lisa with volunteer health promoters Elvin (sitting), Juan Quino (standing with srcub top) and Gaspar, our FT health promoter.

Kemmel and Tomas Tecum (new health promoter who will be working with Dra. Josefina and Sheri K) packing it up for the day.

We were also joined by some friends of ours working in Quetzaltenango(Xela) --a young married couple Nathan and Connie Gundecker. We really appreciated their company and their prayers for the patients. Currently they are teachers at a school in Xela and are waiting to start medical school in the fall back in the States. Maybe they can visit again in the future and see some patients of their own!

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