Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Good Day

We had a good day in Xepocol today. Our first patient was a nurse I know from the local health department who can't get off work to come see us on Thursdays at the central clinic, so I picked her up in town and took her out to our mobile clinic for the day. We caught up on news from the health department and who's still working and who's not. She's had an interesting bout of inflammatory poliarthritis with labs unremarkarable except for an elevated CRP (nonspecific for inflamation). She is already enrolled in the government health clinics but doesn't have a follow up appointment set up for November so she is a little depressed as she has started flaring up again. (that's right all you pro-Government Healthcare folks--she is waiting 3 months to get a follow up appointment with a general internist, not even a rheumatologist.) So we tweaked her anti-inflammatory meds and prayed with her, which she really appreciated.

The rest of the day was primarily pediatrics. Lots of upper respiratory infections and newborn checks. Nothing like little babies to put you in a great mood. One little girl remembered the Johnson's baby shampoo that her baby sister received as a newborn and keeps asking Gaspar if he has anymore. Well today, he surprised her with her very own little sample bottle and spent a couple of minutes to talk to her about frequent hand washing and bathing 2-3 times a week.

One of the last patients, I found out later, is a real troublemaker in town. This woman seemed nice enough to me and said she would bring in her mother next time. But apparently has been violent with her mother-in-law, landing the poor little old lady in the hospital. Her husband, who was a known drinker, fell into the edge of the water and drowned a couple of years ago. But she has recently accused a very nice man from the area of drowning her husband in the river because a "prophetess" in town said so. This man is a friend of Gaspar, and he has been terrified that people are going to lynch him on her say-so. Gaspar has been praying with him and counseling him and although doesn't want to get into trouble himself, feels obligated to stand up for this man. The woman has pretty much backed off on the accusations lately but everyone is still on guard. Needless to say, Gaspar was shocked when she came to clinic today. We decided that maybe God was working on her heart a little so we will keep her in our prayers. You never know who God puts in your path to influence or pray for.

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Mo&We said...

I am always awestruck in the ways God works in our lives. When I read about the lady who is causing trouble, I was reminded of my Bible lesson this morning of "Things only God can do": Draws people to Himself; Causes people to seek Him; Reveals spiritual truth; Convicts the world of guilt about sin; convicts the world of righteousness; Convicts the world of judgment. You are right to pray for this lady, and I will, too. Love, Mama