Saturday, September 5, 2009

Enjoying Family Time

We are enjoying a rare rainy weekend here in the Scottsdale area--a cool 84 degrees. We picked up my cousin Bruce who is in town on a top secret mission with the government and headed to Pei Wei for some grub then back to Ron's house. Our niece Callie and I set up our annual beauty shop party while we all get caught up on our Facebook snooping. It's been a great day!

Kemmel, Ron, Lori and Rick
Mom and her boys

Callie's Beauty Parlor--Pop is getting the special treatment!

Satisfied customers!

Callie and Becky

Bruce trying to avoid a total makeover Callie and Me


AuntieAimee said...

Uh-oh, I think Bruce's cover has been blown!

Mo&We said...

Love the do's. I had that same look after Anyla, who spent a couple of days with me, fixed my hair;I know how to do it now, so come on over. Love, Mama