Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Team Work

Sheri and Juan and I headed out to Chutzerob today for clinic. Gaspar and Kemmel left early to go to a meeting at Ezell 3 hours away, so we were a little short handed. I got a call at 0600 from one of the brothers from Chutzerob confirming that we were indeed coming. About 0630 another brother called to say that they had 30 people already and wanted to make sure that was okay. We ended up seeing 38 and it ran very smoothly with the help of 7 volunteers from the church. We usually cap the number at 30-35 to be able to counsel and pray with each patient we see. But with the support of these brothers and sisters we divided up into two consult stations, one prayer station and taught one of the ladies to do vital signs. What a blessing to have such interest in the ministry by local church members. More than half of the patients were new to the clinic, which surprised us. The volunteers said that the word is getting out more and people are pleased with the care.

One thing I appreciate about this church is that the volunteers never miss an opportunity to invite the patient to worship with them, offering prayer, counsel with the elders and study of the Word. They are not judgemental or condescending and always speak respectfully and discretely with patients. We saw several interesting medical cases (anemia, an infected foot, postpartum endometritis, a couple with UTIs (possibly STD's??). But counseled and encouraged many more to begin deeping their prayer life and reading the Word and relying on God during struggles.

Well, Kemmel just got back home, so time for dinner! What a good day.

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AuntieAimee said...

So proud of you guys and the work you are doing! Love you -