Thursday, September 3, 2009


Lori who is a neonatal ICU nurse has the week off and took us around shopping for much needed underwear and other clothes. I was blown away at the sale prices we found (70-80% off) on everything. We stocked up as we had not been serious clothes shopping in over a year. We laughed, because now all the sales tickets tell you how much you saved. At Steinmart, we saved more than we spent! In Guatemala, they have not learned the art of the "End of season sale" (maybe because they don't have seasons!). The steapest mark downs we see are about 30% off. Usually they try to entice you in with big sale signs of 10% 15% 20% OFF! Not exactly irresistible.

Also, we are blown away by the internet speed available here. We have been taking advantage of the broadband to download updates and programs at lightening speed! At home it takes us 4-5 hours to download a TV show from ITunes on a "high speed" connection in the City. If we try to do it in Chichicastenango, it shows a 36 hour download time! Here it took 50 minutes. WOW!!!

Today we enjoyed some fellowship with Duane and Roberta's church group and lunch at the Olive Garden--Yum. Now we are just vegging and watching NCIS. Having a great time so far.

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Anna said...

Glad you guys landed safely, can't wait to see you!