Saturday, September 19, 2009

Re-cap of our U.S. Trip

While in the States, we didn't always have ease of internet access, so we wanted to post some more pictures. We had such a good time seeing almost all of our family. My brother Drew's family wasn't able to make it, when he got stuck managing a flooded city sewage system after our weekend of constant rain in the North Texas area. That was a bummer (probably more for him!), but we hope to see them over the holidays. Here are some fun pictures we got on the rest of our travels.

My sister Anna and new baby Levi.

A rare sighting of baby Levi--AWAKE.

Olivia and Claire--up and at it early!

Allison and Uncle Kemmel enjoying a little breakfast before heading off to a big day at pre-K. Uncle Kemmel is always a big hit!

Allie in her boots and Hennesey Eagles shirt. Quite the football fan!

Aunt Lisa with her babies. We couldn't get this picture taken without the beloved monkey and duck!

Zane and Lance looking on as the chef fires up the griddle at the Japanese restaurant.

Who is that cute couple?

Zane and Lance tolerating their crazy camera-happy Aunt Lisa.

Brant and Aimee enjoying the night out.

Hot and heavy Nintendo action.

Corbin sporting the latest in fine golf attire.

Becky, cousin Sherry, Ron and Kemmel enjoying a cool 90 degree evening outside.

Yours truly

Kriss Kelli and Kyler (Yes, KKK).

Ahhh, Sunday afternoon on the couch with my Mom, Kyler and Dad!

"Come ON, Cowboys!"

Consolation prizes for the big sisters at Levi's baby shower.

Mama, Anna and Me at the shower.

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Mo&We said...

We enjoyed seeing you so much! You got some cute photos - thanks for sharing. Love the blog. Love, Mama