Saturday, September 19, 2009

Back Home

We made in back to Guatemala City on Thursday after a day and a half of relaxation in North Miami Beach. It feels good to now be home in Chichicastenango. We will be posting some more of our trip to the US probably later today but wanted to let everyone know we are back home. If anyone wants to take a trip to Miami this was a good area and not as busy as and crazy as South Beach and the hotel rates were much better, like less than $70 a night - small room but great location and there is a bus service that takes you everywhere in the area.

The hardest part of living here, eventough we are not that far away such as in Africa, is being away from family. It seems that now we probably spend more time with family when we go back then we did when we lived in the US, but nonetheless, I guess it is the idea of living away from family. Thank you to everyone who invited us into your homes and for taking care of us while we were there.

Today Lisa, Sheri, Gaspar and Juan are in Chuchipaca and I, Kemmel, and getting caught up on admin tasks at the house and plan to check on the vegetable garden at the clinic - hopefully it is taking off!

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