Thursday, September 3, 2009

Family Reunion Time

Monday was Kemmel's mom Roberta's birthday and I didn't get it posted as we were traveling to the City to fly out the great U.S. of A. for a little visit with our families. When we travel Kemmel is quite the airfare hawk, looking for ways to fly as inexpensively as possible. He found us some good fares to Miami and then connecting flights to Phoenix. We left Guatemala City at 10:00 a.m. and arrived in Phoenix at 12:00 midnight via Miami and Atlanta! Our second leg of the flight was terribly delayed and we were afraid we would miss our connecting flight to Phoenix, when the attendant asked us if we were going to Phoenix. She said don't worry then, because these pilots are too! So we made it, and Kemmel's sister Becky and niece Lori came and picked us up--what troopers!
We had a dinner last night with family here in Tucson, complete with tacos and tamales and the fixin's. It was so good to see everyone and catch up a little. We will spend a few days here in the Tucson area and all head back up to Phoenix for the Labor Day weekend. We will celebrate Roberta's birthday Friday with everyone, and I will get some good pictures up.
What a blessing to be back in the States! Cousin Edward and our niece Lori
Mom and DuaneDuane, Nancy and Sonny--everyone has on their very best Guatemalan pose on!

Aunt Ana, Kemmel and Uncle GeneAunt Karen and me in the foreground. Mom, Becky and Uncle Dick in the back.

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