Sunday, September 20, 2009


We enjoyed a leisurely morning this morning, starting with our walk, then coffee and slightly crunchy but yummy monkey bread and catching up on stuff around the house. Then we walked up to town for lunch and worship services, enjoying good weather and a great sermon. We studied about the continued work of God in this world. That He did not stop when he created the world, or when he put his plan of salvation of the world into motion. He continues to work, searching for and recovering those who are lost. We as the body of Christ are instrumental in this work, seeking out lost sheep, lost coins, and prodigal sons. Brother Tomas told us of a conversation with a member of a small church, who told him that their church members were few but faithful. He commented that a church that stays small can't be too faithful! We were challenged to set goals and actively think about the people in our lives and keep our eyes open to recognize people who need to be sought out and rescued.

We wrapped up the afternoon, doing some shopping in the vegetable market and started to walk back home but thankfully saw a wall of rain moving up the street toward us--just in time to jump into a tuc-tuc before getting soaked!

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