Thursday, July 2, 2009

Occupational Hazards

Well, we had a lot of extra help in Clinica Caris today when Josefina, Manuel and Tomas showed up around 9:30 this morning after running into a massive mudslide on the way to Panajxit clinic. They couldn't see any good way around it without risking life and limb and decided to come on back. The rain has been pretty intense the last few days and is supposed to continue for a while. So far no hurricanes on the horizon, but when you wake up to rain every morning you know something is cooking.

We made good use of the together time, seeing all the patients quickly and spending time together getting organized for our team of volunteers coming next week. We have a team of 29 people coming to offer medical and dental consults and well child check ups in the nearby school, so it's worth the effort to have a good master plan in place, making for a smooth trip. Of course we always hope that there are no mudslides to contend with!

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