Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Celebrate Good Times

This weekend was busy, mostly celebrating (code for too much good food). We celebrated my (Lisa's) birthday (Sushi lunch, Peruvian ceviche for dinner), went to Carlos and Silvia's wedding(wedding food, and nachos at Mono Loco), and celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary (traditional fajitas--this time at Chili's, where we ran into our friends, Don and Heather Logan, and they picked up our tab--very sweet!) It's hard to believe we have been married that long--we both feel so blessed to have each other.

We also saw off our MET students, although we were sad to see them go. They were a great group to have and we can see what a blessing they are to the Lord's church already.

Also, we made another advance in the medical license saga--I now have an I.D. card from the College of Physicians and Surgeons, although I don't get my actual license for another week or so (still worthy of a celebratory meal--McDonalds!). After that, its to the National Registry office to get added to the books, and then to the "narcotics-prescription-writing-permission-givers (Guatemala's version of the DEA). close!

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