Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Clinic in Saquilla

Clinic in was held in Saquilla today in the home of one of the members of the Xepocol church because the road was closed for repairs. I thought there would be a low turnout due to site change, but despite the low number of Xepocol folks, we had a bunch of new patients from Saquilla. One lady, a very young newly diagnosed diabetic (24) came back with her blood sugars still running high despite maxing out one medication and her claiming to be watching her diet carefully. Unfortunately, I believe her, as she only weighs 98 pounds and was able to recite to me what she had been eating the last few days. We talked about the possiblity of Type I or juvenile diabetes and sent her for some blood work. Be praying for her, as this would be a very difficult disease to manage around here if she needed insulin therapy.
We also saw a 3-week old for a check up and is doing well. I couldn't resist a quick picture of mom and baby. This is the third child but 1st daughter for Rosalia--YEA! She really appreciated the newborn gift we gave her from Health Talents.
Rosalia and "Baby Girl". We don't have a name yet, poor thing!
On another up note, we saw two prenatal patients--both brought in by the same midwife. I am starting to really respect this woman (she has good taste in doctors!) because she advises her patients to come in for check ups and even brought me one today who was only 6 weeks along, but had had a miscarriage with the last pregnancy. We confirmed the pregnancy, reminding her that the baby was too small to detect on physical exam. The midwife chimed in, "Yeah, the baby is about the size of a bean right now. At 3 months it will be about as big as a large avacado!" I tried out my new fetoscope that Dr. Lesca Hadley sent me and was able to detect good heart sounds on the other 31-weeker.
Tomorrow is Mactzul 6 and should be a good day too!

Dr. Marcos and his 3 Musketeer friends tying up the equipment in the back of the truck.

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