Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hittin' the Road

Well, we have a group visiting us right now--several from Alabama, Arkansas and also Texas and Colorado. We hit the road today like a caravan of circus clowns crammed in to a bus and 6 trucks. I'm not sure how we all squeezed in, but thankfully we didn't have too far to go. One team was with us in central clinic where we offered general medical and dental consults and physical therapy. Our physical therapist even made a home visit to a local man with partial paralysis from the waist down but with signs of some recovery of function. He left some excercises and we will be sending Sheri and Juan out each week to check his progress.

Another group went to a local school and did well child checks and an educational video and activity on Respect. It was a hit and the teachers were very pleased with the service, asking when we could come back.

Finally, the Xatinap group landed at their destination, and after sending out an announcement party, pulled in a net full of patients for medical and dental. They left kind of late but made it in without trouble.

Now we are sitting around the hotel checking internet, sipping coffee and tea and trying to ward off the cold dampness from the rain. Tomorrow we're off to Paxot II and Mactzul II for more fun. Wish you were here!

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