Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Anyone Feel Like Striking?

So we are at Clinica Caris today about to have our education time with our team and we get a call from Josefina's team, that they can't make it out to their clinic because of groups of people blocking the highway for a strike. Kemmel invited them back to the clinic to have education time with us, but they called back saying that they got cut off in both directions and were forced out of the truck to join the protests. What were they protesting? We aren't sure, but come to find out, there were demonstrations throughout the country, blocking all of the major crossroads. The paper reported on several causes: the Anti-bringing-in-the-cement-plant-to-our-town Group, the Anti-bringing-in-the-mining-company-to-our-town Group, the We-demand-a-raise-for-the-Judicial-Department Group. All this going on while the ousted Honduran president Zelaya lunched at the Guatemalan President Colom's casa. I'm sure there were other groups sounding off as well, taking advantage of the situation.
Anyway, we decided it would be better for everyone to head on home, before getting cought between demonstrations. We were worried about our co-workers Dany and Rosario who were coming up from Ezell, but they snuck around the back roads and made it in okay. Dany headed home right after, having to take another highway home because of the roadblocks.
Good times!

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