Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

We had a great 4th of July yesterday. It started out as a normal work day, specifically an education day for our team. Sheri and I (Lisa) tried out some new material from the Community Health Evangelism program ( ). This is some of the curriculum we are trying to incorporate into our education program aimed at out staff, church volunteers, and communities. It was a little bit different approach to teaching, but fun and encourages participation. I taught about diarrhea and Sheri did dehydration. It was interesting how our health promoters would try to give the "right" answers to the questions (talking about bacterias, parasites and viruses) , but had trouble coming up with simple definitions for diarrhea and dehydration and concepts of fecal contamination. This gave us a lot of insight into how to tailor our approach and things to focus on when we get out into the community education.

After work we came home and prepared a yummy 4th of July dinner with Sheri. There were barbecue pork sandwiches, potato salad and veggies and of course, Diet Coke and lemonade! We wrapped it up with rice krispi treats (a little on the stale side--don't use reduced-fat margarine!). As we sat around chatting and planning our takeover of the world, we heard some nearby fireworks. It was a festive way to end the evening.

We hope everyone enjoys the holiday weekend, and remembers and cherishes the freedoms we are guaranteed as U.S. citizens.

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