Friday, July 10, 2009

More Road Work

The day started out with a misty fog again, and we drove through the clouds to to our clinic sites of Paxot II and Mactzul II. Thankfully the sun peeked out and it began to warm up and clear away the clouds, leaving us with a great day for hosting large crowds of people.

Long hard day at the office!

My sidekick Sarah Stanley

We saw 98 dental and 35 medical in Paxot, with a busy physical therapy department as well. In Mactzul there were over 200 children screened at the school with a class on Trust and Confidence. In clinic they saw 70 medical and 80 dental patients. The church members were out in full force to help out and provide reception/secretary services, lunch and help out in translating. It was a long, busy but very fun day of fellowship and service.

It seems like sometimes we see large crowds of people and I feel myself cringing inside thinking, "how will we get through them all?" But, I have been praying specifically lately asking God to give me patience and a joyful endurance when we have days that are hectic. I think it is getting easier sometimes, although we always have our frustrations and hectic moments, I keep praying for us to be more like Jesus when he saw the crowds and had compassion on them.


Anna said...

I think your attitude is more like Jesus' than you realize... that's probably the same reason he went out to be by himself once in a while. I'm grateful that your patients have humble and gracious people taking care of them.

Anna said...

I forgot to mention... I love your hair!

Kemmel and Lisa Dunham said...

Gracias, wachalal!