Thursday, October 22, 2009

Who Let the Dog Out?

We try not to complain (in public) very often, but we have to vent about this one. There is a new house going in next door and our new (not very considerate) neighbors seem to be getting close to moving in. Well, last night they drove up about 8:00 and dropped off some things and left. Later after we went to bed we heard an unknown dog barking his head off about something.
Turns out, they left their pure bred bear-wolf out on the roof to keep guard. He barked aaaaall night long. We got up a couple of times to tell him to shut up (in English and Spanish) and he would, until we would turn off the lights and get back into bed. We put in our ear plugs around 0300, Kemmel could take no more around 0400 and when the lights came on when Kemmel got up, he finally piped down and went to sleep. We thought (or hoped) someone had poisoned him, but there he was this morning trying to look friendly. I think "we'll keep the light on" for him tonight and see if he can keep things under control. Maybe he is scared of the dark!

Hopefully this won't be an earplug night.


AuntieAimee said...

LOL! Poor puppy, he just wants some love!

Anna said...

There's a lion in your yard! Wow, he looks a little scary.