Saturday, October 10, 2009

Despite having our clinic trumped by a visit from Guatemalan President Colom in Chichicastenango today, we had 7 patients. That's quite the feat considering all of the truckloads of people we saw heading to town (away from our clinic!).

Juan showing the curious on-lookers what he lavaged out of a patient's ear. Always a crowd pleaser!

The ladies who fixed us lunch today--see the smoke in the air????? But is was an excellent and colorful soup with beef, potatoes, guisquil, and pumkin. Yummy! Tomasa on the left is a midwife and was very thankful to receive the gloves we brought her.

These kids pestered me all day for a picture, so I told them they had to count to three in English first, and they did.

Goofing off in the kitchen.

Everyone looks up to Erica(in the middle)--whatever she says, goes! She wanted their picture taken outside.

After clinic, we had a visit from some men from the Mactzul III church to help them petition for some funding to build a church building. This is a church that has been meeting in homes for several years now and has saved enough money to buy land and start buying materials. They still have a significant financial need so they are beginning their petitions to the area churches as well as to the local mayor. They have a special request to send to church in the United States, so they brought all the paperwork today so we can send it by email. We had a good visit together and reviewed their budget. Interestingly, they have to buy 15 trees to supply the lumber they need--somthing you wouldn't think about in the States! They are very organized and have their budget lined out to the penny. After we met, they asked to pray before leaving and prayed for our safety and protection and for all of us to have our faith stregthened.

Ernesto, Sebastian and Tomas--with their serious faces on.

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Great pictures! Very funny!