Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend Roaming

We also headed to Antigua this Sunday to help Glenn and Neva move up here. The weather was great and we enjoyed strolling around town taking in the sights. Since it is almost All Saints' Day, which is a big holiday around here, there were kites for sale everywhere and signs out for ordering your holiday Fiambre. We like describe this dish as a chef salad on steroids. It is a mixed array of cold cuts, cheeses, sausages, picked vegetables, etc. to be shared on this special day. Like Americans and our prized turkey dressings, every family has their own fiambre recipe which is guaranteed to be the best. And if you don't like fiambre it's because you haven't tried "good fiambre". Anyway, it was a nice weekend, and we got everything moved without a hitch.
"Fiambre for All Saints' Day"
This is an example. I pulled the picture off of google images. It's a pretty accurate depiction.

These are kites from a few years ago--they won't bring out the big ones like these until November 1st.

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