Friday, October 9, 2009

Early Revolution Day Festivities

We are celebrating Revolution Day early today because we had a clinic cancelled and we prefer to work on Revolution Day since no one really recognizes it besides us and the banks! So we enjoyed a good walk to town this morning, seeing off Harriette and Sarah and Danny, then picking up some nice produce in the market.

I've had some apples crying out to be put in a pie-- today was the day. I didn't have anymore shortening, so I tried an all-butter pie crust that was delish! It was a little harder to work with as it was either too cold to mix in easily or too warm and sticky while rolling out. I stuck the crusts in the freezer and when they came out they were like ceramic plates. But, I quickly got the pie put together and in the oven. Here is the recipe if you want to try it.

Kemmel was in top form today bird-dogging down some plane tickets for Christmas. He finally locked onto some, saving $500 over the prices we saw in the beginning! He is quite the travel agent. He was working all the possible angles and ticket brokers and airline sites, and finally designed the perfect flight plan. We even have direct flights this time! Good job!

The picture is from our sunset tonight. I really miss a good sunset like the kind you get in Amarillo, Texas, so this was a real treat. These clouds are actually in the east getting the reflection off the setting sun. A nice way to wrap up Revolution Day.

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