Friday, October 16, 2009

It's been a good week so far. Tuesday was an education day for our staff and volunteer promoters. They presented posters on childhood vaccines and we did a handwashing demonstration. Sheri posted some more good pictures (and gifted me these!)

Wednesday, Sheri went out to clinic in Chuguexa, tending to our diabetic population out there with a bonus nutrition class. She thinks it went well, and was a good opportunity, as there were seveal diabetic patients present at the same time. Kind of a group therapy setting.
Kemmel and I stayed back at the "office" (our living room) with Mauri organizing Sunday School education materials and goodies and I worked on our staff education curriculum. We got quite a bit done and I took advantage to read up on some topics I hadn't studied in a while. That's the benefit of teaching--it makes you stay up to date some what.
Yesterday Sheri and I saw patients together at Caris and finished early enough for everyone to go have coffee and dessert with our new missionary couple Glenn and Neva Berkey who are in town looking at housing options. We don't get very many chances to sit and visit with both teams like this very often, so it was a special treat.
Today we headed out to Choacaman IV and saw some of our regulars and several new patients as well. One of my favorite patients has congestive heart failure and we recently started him on digoxin. Well, he also suffers from a hernia and a bum leg from a previous accident. So he decided that he should take some of the new medicine to help the pain, but wasn't getting much relief! I very firmly but gently advised him that the new medicine is a form of poison and is only meant to help his heart but at small doses. He was surprised to learn that it's not effective for all pain, but agreed to stick to the prescribed amount. We upped his dose of Tylenol, and hopefully we will see some pain relief. We wrapped up his visit with a thorough review of all the medicines in his bag. His wife looked relieved!
Tonight we will enjoy dinner out with Glenn and Neva and Sheri at Los Cofrades--Yum!

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