Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's been a nice quiet Sunday today. We did our usual trek up to town "to see what there is to see" (not much) and got back just as Sheri was getting back into town from her week at Clinica Ezell. We had some quick lunch and headed back up for worship services.

Now, we love listening to people sing here, because they all put a lot of spirit into it. But we sat in front a brother today that seemed to have a different metronome setting than everyone else. He could not (or would not) stay with the pack, but rather stayed ahead by about half a beat throughout the entire song. It was a pretty amusing and the family of girls in front of us seemed to be equally entertained. Kemmel even tried tapping out the beat with his hand on his leg to see if the guy would catch on, but no.

After services we chit-chatted with some folks including one little 8 year old boy who has been seeing some specialists in the Capital for a hypoplastic lung. Kemmel asked him how he was doing and what the doctor had said. He stated very matter of fact, that " I am doing some breathing treatments because the doctor says that my lung on this side is too little" showing us with his fingers about 2 inches apart. But he seems to be doing well and will keep praying for God to strengthen him.

Now we are back home enjoying some coffee and pie and catching up on internet world. Everyone have a good week.

Rigt after this post we experience a power outage, so ended the day with going to bed at 7:30pm. :)

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