Friday, May 13, 2016

Okies In Town

We hosted the last of this year's "spring break" teams two weeks ago.  Oklahoma Christian University brought a team of pre-healthcare students to help us finish up the last of our ABC kids' well child checkups.  This team is such a great group to have around and come very well prepared to help out on vital signs and water filter installation.  They also bring a great group of professionals with them to help us out in medical and dental clinics. This year we had Dr. Neil Roberts and his dad, pharmacist David Roberts, Dr. Zann McMahan and Dr. Jeanie Tryggestad and translator Matthew Anderson worked in the medical clinic seeing all of our kids and some regular patients as well.  On the dental front we had superduo Drs. Debbie and Owen Corwin working a frenzy of patients.  Of course none of this would have been possible without Eric Phelps to coordinate their team. We worked long days at far-away clinics and are so grateful for their help and compassionate care of all of our patients. Great job everyone and we look forward to seeing you again next year!

Ryan and Jan getting the ball rolling with vital signs.

Master packers Nathan, Zann, Eric and Neil helping us rearrange gear in the trucks.

One of our new ABC kids getting his first checkup and photo op.

Enjoying dinner together after a long day out in clinics.  (Photo by Debbie Corwin)

Sheri and Kemmel making sure the right stuff get in the right trucks at the end of the day. (Photo by Debbie Corwin)

Heading to church in Chichicastenango (Photo by Debbie Corwin)

Load em' up! These girls are tough. (Photo by Debbie Corwin)

Can you spot the difference in this pic and the last one?

Our new scholarship coordinator Eugenia getting to know some of the ABC kids and their families.

Star women's health team after a day of pap smears!

Enjoying a little time in Antigua.

These two crazy kids, India and Ryan went and got engaged during their time here--romantic!

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