Monday, May 16, 2016

Mom's Here

We are being spoiled by having Kemmel's mom Roberta here with us.  We have been a little hectic with with clinics and getting our summer Medical Evangelism Training students.  But we did get to enjoy a few quick hours at Lake Atitlan for lunch and a walk around town on our way to Clinica Ezell to meet the students.
Kemmel's family lived here in Guatemala during the 70s and 80s so, for Roberta, it has been a fun trip down memory lane and eye opening to see the changes since she visited last. Everyone here is fascinated to meet Kemmel's mom and have been very welcoming.
We have spent the weekend and today at an orientation session for the students and will head back up to Quiche land tomorrow.

Mother and Baby!

Street market booth in Panajachel

Cool looking hammock stand.

Creepy looking mannequin on the left 

Me and my suegrita (sweet mother-in-law).  


Sheri said...

Kemmel, it is good to have your mom here!! I hope you are enjoying the coast. We had about 50 drops of rain today. I got so excited, that the patients started to mimic me. It will be good to have the MET Students visit the Highlands. Take care and safe travels!

Health Talents International said...

Mid saludos to Roberta! So glad you had this time together.