Sunday, May 29, 2016

Life in Guatemala

Our star team after a long day at clinic.

Life with our students is always entertaining.  They offer a fresh take on life here in our little neck of the woods.  For instance, they are thrilled when patients help them with their Kiche words or actually understand their Spanish.  They are surprised to find that there is no internet cafe in Paxot III with wifi available, after a hopeful two mile walk uphill. They took part in an birthday party/worship service for a one-year old that should have ended at lunch but went "all day".
They are enjoying being the new kid on the block in their towns, for now.  Kimmi says every evening she gets home and all the kids on her road yell out, "Kimmiiiiiii!" Morgan has become an expert in locating all the local restrooms...hope that gets better soon! Preston says the to distance to his home's bathroom is farther than going across the street to use the one at the church--just sayin'.  Justin is learning how to weave women's skirts in his spare time.
Blake is becoming a professional urine dipstick technician.  Kaitlin gave a shot to a patient who said she could barely feel it--after nervously watching me explain to Kaitlin how to place the needle. They are good sports and have been helpful in clinic and willing to tough out our long days.  Good job, guys--you are getting a real taste of missionary life! Tomorrow is "gringo day" here at our house where we will relax and talk gringo and eat the food of El Norte.
Jesus and Justin at Paxot II Iglesia de Cristo

Kimmi holding a newborn while mom gets her c-section wound checked.

Maybe no wifi, but Preston and Kaitlin did find a good view.

Blake, Preston and Justin scoping out women's skirts for the ladies back home.

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