Monday, May 30, 2016

Gringo Day

Well, it's that time of year again, folks.  Gringo Day is a longstanding tradition among MET students here in Guatemala.  We start off the day with the students running up to town to get our last minute groceries, giving them a chance to enjoy a tuctuc ride up to the plaza.  The funny part today, is I forgot to tell them the name of our colonia so they could get a ride back.  So after the taxi driver took them around trying to find the right neighborhood, they decided to just walk back.  They made it!  After that, they settled in for coffee and tea and card games and movies.  We enjoyed a yummy brisket and potato salad and coleslaw lunch, with bottled soft drinks, courtesy of Sheri.  Thanks, Sheri! We sat around and told stories about family life here in Quiche country. After cookies and another movie (Emperor's New Groove and Gladiator today) we wrapped up another successful Gringo Day. Back to real life now!  We will be in clinics again tomorrow.
Getting ready for some serious cards.

"look natural"

Surrogate grandmother/granddaughter Kimmi and Roberta making potato salad

Al fresco dining

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