Monday, May 23, 2016

A Little Wiser

We took off yesterday morning "tempranito" (pretty early) as they say around here, to pick up our MET interns from language school in Xela.  The newly minted missionaries looked a little more relaxed and ready for their next adventure, than when we left them last week.  We heard stories of embarrassing moments and social faux pas during their first week in country, but also substantial gains in the language department.  We reassured them that "what happens in language school, stays in language school!"
We made our rounds in Mactzul V, showing all the students where three of the six would be staying. Then we enjoyed a delicious lunch with Tomas and Juana's family before heading to Paxot II for church and drop-off of the other three students.  Of course yesterday was also Paxot II's chosen day to celebrate Mother's Day with the church, so we all got enjoy the festivities.  Kemmel's mom, Roberta was also invited, and pickup up at the house by Manuel and his family for lunch and then church, so she wouldn't have to do the running around that we were doing in the morning.
After sharing a nightcap of coffee and pan dulce at our last dropoff, we headed home to our little house in Chichicastenango.  We were beat, to say the least, but pleased at the smooth flow of the day.
Driving the back roads to Mactzul V.
Blake with his extra tall door way at Jeronimo and Juana's house.--it's a good thing 'cause he's tall! (Sorry for the closed eyes, Blake)

The trail to Kimmi's house.

Kimmi welcomed home by Rosa and Francisco's family

Jesus, uh, I mean Justin at his new place in Mactzul V.

Enjoying some liquid refreshment at Tomas' house before lunch.

Juana frying up a mess of chicken.

Some cream gravy and biscuits would be good with that, but so was the fresh roasted chile/tomato salsa and tortillas!
Blake and Preston looking concerned as Justin ladles on the chile.

Roberta and her ABC sponsor child Jhony.  He kept eyeing her in church and signaling me that he recognized her.

Preston at Carlos and Marina's with body guard Josefa.  You laugh, but she is the one that protects the students from the yard turkeys.

Kaitlin inaugurating the newly consturcted guest house at Juan and Lucia's.

And finally, Morgan getting cozy in her warm little room at Manuel and Juana's.

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