Friday, May 8, 2015

Weekend Road Trip

Our weekend included a quick trip to Clinica Ezell down on the coastal area of Guatemala.  It's about 3 hours from here, and we made it before dark after finishing up clinic on Saturday.  Since there is a surgical team there, the place was pretty lively and we got to visit with lots of old and new friends while we packed up much needed supplies to take back with us.  After a hot, but restful night, we enjoyed sharing breakfast and worship services together before we had to take off.  We decided to take the long way home through Mazatenango and Xela to the highland's highway, which is always a beautiful and fun trip.  We also enjoyed some Maxim's Chinese food--the best in Guatemala!  And also some Pizza Hut take out for later!  Here's some pics from our road trip.

Bananas, anyone?

Enjoyed visiting with Sharon and Vince Van Cleave, and finding out Vince was our brother-in-law's college roommate!

Such fun fruit stands!

The southern part of our route is all coastal land complete with tropical plants and fruit.

As you start climbing and heading north the view changes to coffee plantations and then evergreen forrests.

Santa Maria tunnel through the mountain.

Quetzaltenago is hot springs country.  This is in Almolonga where there are medicinal bath houses every few feet--the ladies walk home with towels wrapped around their head.

Downtown Xelaju (Quetzaltenango)

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