Monday, May 25, 2015

Medical Evangelism Training, Then and Now

Twenty five years ago, Kemmel and I particiapated in the Medical Evangelism Training program offered by Health Talents International.  We were naive college kids wanting a little adventure and also wanting to know more about the missionary life.  In those early days we were given a sneak peak into the world of real-life medical missionaries and cross-cultural living, kind of a practice run of sorts to help us know if that was the thing for us or not.  Athough we enjoyed the experience, we didn't really think we would actually be living that life one day!
MET 1990

Now we are sitting here with 12 fresh-faced college students going through the missiology part of the MET program, soaking up wisdom from former missionary Roger McCown as he guides us through topics like language and culture, cross- cultural evangelism, medical evangelism, responsible use and pitfalls of charity and short-term trips, and learning to examine outcomes of our efforts. Soon they will be peaking into our lives--no pressure!

MET 2015

We appreciate the Board of Directors of Health Talents and their desire to share information learned from more than 40 years on the field.  Medical Evangelism Training has prepared many students over the years, some of whom have gone into full time missions and others who become active in their church's Missions Committees back home. To God be the Glory!

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