Thursday, May 7, 2015

Missionary Mentoring

Nick and Andrea Darby
Last week we were honored with a visit from a former MET student and his wife, Nick and Andrea Darby.  Nick interned with us in 2009 and is now a third year medical student at UAB.  His wife Andrea is an ICU nurse.  The fun part is that they are preparing themselves to go into long-term missions and wanted to come down for a week and check out the work around here.  It was good having them in clinics and visiting around the area, especially in Paxot II where Nick and the other students stayed.  His host family invited us to Sunday lunch before church, which was especially nice.

It was interesting to listen to their ideas and questions and share their excitement of planning for the future.  Here are few pics from our time.

Manuela and Maria whippin' up some homemade goodness!

Tomasa and Maria teaching the fine art of hand-made tortilla making.

Juan, Aura, Levi and new baby Bianca

Which ones are not like the others?

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