Thursday, May 28, 2015

Missions Anthropology

Our MET students are moving right along in their cross cultural education.  One of the key elements of their training involves home stays with local families in urban and rural areas. Their first week in Guatemala  was in a medium-sized city (Quetzaltenango) while going to language school five hours a day.  Then, after 4 days of missiology classes at Clinica Ezell in Montellano, we split them up into two groups of 6 students.  One group came with us to the Highlands region and the other team stayed in the Boca Costa region. In the Coast the students stay in an urban area, in the town of Chicacao.   In  the Highlands they are in a very rural setting with students spread out all over the countryside.  In a couple of weeks the teams will switch sites.  They are getting a pretty good sampling of the variety of living conditions here in Guatemala.
We left Clinica Ezell at 9:00 and arrived in the Chichicastenango area about 12:00 to enjoy lunch at one of our co-worker's homes.  They treated us like royalty before heading off to Paxot II and Mactzul V where the students will be living.  We took all the students to each home so they would know how the others were living, and even picked up some extra friends who wanted to go along for the ride.  Then Kemmel and I made our way back home by 8:30.

Scrumptious lunch at Cesybel's house.  Her mom is a great cook.

Ali's new place--everyone was trying out the cool window options.

Heath  trying out the head room in his house.  The light bulb over his head cracks me up!

Joanna with the welcome committee at her house.

Rowdy actually fits in his room--we'll see if he fits in the bed.

So, apparently I forgot to get a picture of Katrina in her new house.  I'll be sure to put one up soon!  She is still alive and well, Mom!

Greg has a bachelor pad fit for a king!

Hiking in to see Rowdy's house.  Francisca from Paxot II decided she wanted to ride along to Mactzul V and see the other host families.


Sheri said...

The students did great today in Lemoa! They stayed busy and asked a lot of questions!

Lisa Sarrett said...

I am enjoying reading your entries and seeing pictures of the students journey. Thanks for the updates.
Lisa Sarrett

Kemmel and Lisa Dunham said...

Thanks, Lisa. What a fine son you have! His family is really enjoying having him. He is getting really good at his Spanish too. :)