Friday, May 8, 2015

Dirty Jobs

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures, but I just have to brag on my man for cleaning out our scary water cistern.  He took a day off yesterday to get it done.  This dirty job consisted of emptying the water as much as possible, first with the pump--washing as many loads of laundry as he could find, watering all the plants and trees, etc.  Then when the level got below pump tubing, carrying the rest out by bucket, climbing up the rebar ladder 10 ft up.  After too-many-to-count buckets full, he got to the sludge at the bottom--yuck!  When he started, the cistern was dark, and you couldn't see the bottom through the water.  As he cleaned it out, he said the light started reflecting off the bottom and the whole cistern lit up.  Since the city water is still at very low pressure from being at the end of the dry season, Kemmel decided to order a delivery truck of water to fill up the cistern.  What a difference!  We can now see all the way to the bottom and our water is crystal clear again.  Whoohoo! 

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