Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Together, Again!

Well this month with the interns has been flying by.  Last week we did our switching of teams.  The highlands teams was a little sad but eager to check out what they were missing down on the coast.  The coastal team was looking forward to some cool weather and a change of scenery.  We met up at Panajachel on Lake Atitlan and headed out to Santa Cruz la Laguna for an overnight retreat of hiking, camping, kayaking and comparing notes.  We started out on the beautiful hike from Santa Cruz to Tzununa where we enjoyed the always-terrific lunch at Lomas de Tzununa Hotel.  Then we caught a boat back to the lake house where we were staying and enjoyed some down time and debriefing of the past two weeks.  There were lots of stories to share about time with host families, crazy food experiences and mysterious bug bites and illnesses.  Overall, everyone was doing well and in good spirits!
Together again!

Our first highlands team--ready for some heat down at Ezell!

Our second team ready to cool off in the Highlands!

Are y'all sure you know what you're doing?

Brette getting settled in at Jeronimo and Juana's.

Stephanie moving in to Sebastian and Dominga's house. 

Landon making friends with Samuel at Tomas and Juana's house.

Brianne at Carlos and Marina's house.  You can see her little sister Gabriela inside

Karli at Juan and Lucia's house--let the good times roll!

Ryan making fast friends with Pedro and Edgar at Manuel and Juana's house. 

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